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Dr. Lynn Honeckman

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Dr.  Lynn R. HoneckmanEducation and Background

Dr.  Lynn R. Honeckman graduated from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1993, after undergraduate studies in biology, biochemistry, psychology, and animal sciences. Upon graduation, Dr. Honeckman moved to the Chicago area working in private practice with small animals, exotics, and wildlife rehabilitation.  After 4 years, she accepted a position as an associate veterinarian at New York's North Shore Animal League America, the largest no-kill shelter in the United States. While there, Dr. Honeckman witnessed first-hand the huge number of pet relinquishments every day due to behavior problems. It is currently believed that behavior problems are the primary reason for dogs and cats to be taken to a shelter. While working at NSALA, Dr. Honeckman worked closely with the shelter's Training Department along with New York area Veterinary Behavior Specialists to rehabilitate these pets. During this full-time position, Dr. Honeckman also worked in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey at a small animal/exotic practice, continuing her experience with birds, reptiles, and small mammals. 


Dr. Lynn Honeckman relocated to Orlando, Florida in 1999 and worked as a general veterinarian in the Orlando area for 12 years.  She has continued to pursue her special interest in animal behavior by graduating from the Applied Clinical Behavior Medicine Course of the North American Veterinary Post Graduate Institute taught by Dr. Karen Overall, BA, MA, VMD, PhD, DACVB.  Dr. Honeckman has assisted Dr. Overall with the Clinical Behavior Institute since 2016. Dr. Lynn Honeckman remains fascinated with the power of the pet-owner relationship and looks forward to helping to prevent and treat any behavior issues which may interfere with this bond.


In 2011, Dr. Lynn Honeckman helped to form the Central Florida Force-Free Trainers Network, a group of individual pet trainers who collectively support each other in a non-competitive environment with an emphasis on higher, science-based knowledge, and an absolute commitment to the education of the animals entrusted in their care through training based on Positive, Reward-Based, Non-Aversive Techniques. Visit the Central Florida Force-Free Trainers Facebook Page and their website to find the best trainers in the Orlando areaMost recently, Dr. Lynn Honeckman has joined the Pet Professional Guild, an International Organization dedicated to the collaboration of Force-Free Pet Professionals from around the world, and is a member of the Special Council as a liaison between veterinarians and trainers.


  • Dr Lynn Honeckman has become Fear-Free Certified, dedicated to helping all pets experience a positive veterinary visit, and is a member of Dr Marty Becker's Fear-Free Advisory Board.


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