Veterinary Behavior Solutions

13932 Broadwing Drive
Orlando, FL 32837



Services Provided

by Veterinary Behavior Solutions


Bailey in the Park
  • Pet Pre-Selection Counseling
    Puppy and Kitten Development/Socialization


  • Fears and Phobias


  • Relaxation Techniques 
    Desensitization and Counterconditioning


  • Aggression
    *Play aggression


  • Housesoiling/Inappropriate Elimination
    *Litterbox Concerns

    *Submissive Urination
    *Marking/Territorial Elimination/Spraying


  • Age-related Changes/Senior Pets
    *Cognitive Dysfunction
    *Pain-induced aggression


  • Stereotypic/Compulsive Disorders
    *Spinning/fly snapping
    *Lick granuloma/Self-injurious behavior
    *Tail Chasing/Chasing Lights-shadows


  • In-home Medical Demonstrations
    *Diabetic insulin injection therapy

    *Proper medication administration - pill or liquid form 
    *Subcutaneous fluid administration


  • Positive Grooming Techniques
    *Easy Nail trims
    *Ear cleaning
    *Eye medicine 
  • Exotic Pet Behavior Concerns
    *Feather picking/grooming



  • Appropriate Fitting of Head Halter 
    *Positive Reward training

  • Nuisance behaviors 
    *Jumping up on People/Furniture
    *Destructive Chewing
    *Excessive barking/vocalization


  • Environmental Enrichment Advice
    *Stimulating toys and games



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